Our Partnership Team

The partnership is the provider of expert Debt Recovery and Credit Management services to both businesses and individuals. We also supply case support services such as Worldwide tracing of individuals and evidence collection for the legal profession.

As Professional Investigators, we have access to a Global Network of experienced field agents through a full membership to the Association of British Investigators. Kevin and Melanie Bishop were the founding partners of the business in 1989 and have successfully been in the industry since then. Both remain actively involved in Town & Country Legal Services 28 years later, with an additional partner now in place.

Kevin Bishop - Partner - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Kevin Bishop - Partner

Kevin is a successful businessman who has enjoyed a long career in this field from 1979. Kevin is a founder member of this partnership which originally began in 1989. Kevin is a former Police Sergeant and has held directorships and partnerships within credit management companies, debt collection agencies and private investigation businesses for over 25 years.

Kevin Bishop - Partner  kevin@tclsllp.com

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Mel Bishop - Partner - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Mel Bishop - Partner

Melanie is a founding member of Town & Country Legal Services LLP and has enjoyed a long career starting out in the Finance sector. The partnership was formed in 1989 and has progressed soundly year by year to the dynamic and successful business it is today. Mel has held Senior positions in a wide range of businesses with a her main focus on the financial aspects; from the formulation of strategic and long-term business plans to supervising general accounting activity and budgeting. Mel is an active networker and is the founding member of "Surrey Women's Business Group".

Mel Bishop - Partner  mel@tclsllp.com

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Graham Bishop - Partner - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Graham Bishop - Partner

Graham has a background of running companies and dealing closely with clients and the public alike. He is a Partner in Town & Country Legal Services LLP, where his mediation skills which have been gathered throughout his working career benefit our clients by achieving the best results for them, as well as retaining their current clients, cementing relations for future business.

Graham Bishop - Partner  graham@tclsllp.com

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Dan Bishop - Account Manager - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Dan Bishop - Operations Manager

Daniel attended Caterham School. He joined in 2011 as an Account Manager and is responsible for the credit control/collections at Town & Country Legal Services. Daniel has extensive experience in both private & consumer debt and is able to approach client situations in a professional & diligent manner. He is responsible for handling a large client portfolio using his negotiation skills to reach a professional solution.

Dan Bishop - Account Manager  dan@tclsllp.com

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Ruhul Crorie - Commercial Account Manager - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Ruhul Crorie - Commercial Account Manager

Ruhul is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University having obtained a BA in English Language & Literature. He also attended The China Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where he taught English in his position as Head of Foreign Languages. From his experience, including a stint at an international trading firm, Ruhul has developed strong organisational skills in addition to leading small teams.

With his vested interest and experience in languages, Ruhul is often the first port of call when it comes to any office disputes on the subject. When not in the workplace, Ruhul plays football for a small club in London and often goes to watch his favourite team Arsenal FC. He has also been known to keep an eye on the FX markets now and then, although he claims to no longer dabble in its volatility!

Ruhul Crorie - Commercial Account Manager  ruhul@tclsllp.com

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Rory Bennett - Account Executive - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Rory Bennett - Account Executive

Rory has been working at TCLSLLP for almost four years now; this time has enabled him to gain valuable experience in different methods of debt collection and private investigation making him a crucial member of the TCLSLLP team. Currently heading up company credit control due to his diligent work ethic, Rory has proven he is fully committed to any task assigned to him, be it a new challenge or something that he is already experienced in.

Being actively involved in training of new staff members, Rory uses his experience in training and knowledge of debt collection to ensure all new staff meet the high requirements that are expected at TCLSLLP.

Outside of work Rory keeps up with all current news and affairs. He also loves playing rugby whenever able, regularly representing Warlingham RFC.

Rory Bennett - Account Executive  roryb@tclsllp.com

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Amani Taylor - Trainee Account Executive - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Amani Taylor - Trainee Account Executive

Amani went to school at Edenham High in Shirley, Croydon. After leaving full-time education, Amani worked in the retail sector where he learnt to interact with a wide variety of the general public.

Amani is an avid computer gamer, and he also likes going to the Gym. He also takes a keen interest in Football and is an active member of the company 5-a-side team.

Amani Taylor - Trainee Account Executive  amani@tclsllp.com

Nick Starbuck - Senior Consultant - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Nick Starbuck - Senior Consultant

Nick's background and experience includes a successful career over fifteen years within the Merchant Banking Finance sector, based in London and Australia.

Financial Director for a educational training company, providing study skills seminars to schools throughout the UK. Franchisee for Business for Breakfast clubs in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, generating quality referrals for members. Plus, more recently, claims management services for mis-sold financial products and financial recoveries for the insolvency sector.

Nick has travelled extensively, during a two year career break, and enjoys the theatre, cinema, cooking and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Nick Starbuck - Senior Consultant  nicks@tclsllp.com

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Phil Tisdall - Senior Consultant - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Phil Tisdall - Senior Consultant

Phil has a long broad experience in the legal world. Initially in the police service, then in running his own private investigation and debt collection company. He is well experienced in dealing with both corporate and private clients/debtors. He has known and worked with Kevin since 1991.

Outside of work he likes to keep fit in the gym and also does a lot of walking and fishing. All excellent activities to help relax the body and soul.

Phil Tisdall - Senior Consultant  philt@tclsllp.com

Caroline Slater - Senior Consultant - Town and Country Legal Services LLP

Caroline Slater - Senior Consultant

Caroline has for 20 years, enjoyed a long and successful career in sales and marketing. Working mainly within the hotel industry, she developed skills in hotel operations and managing accounts. At this time she worked in the area of yield management, a pricing strategy based on consumer behaviour for a perishable resource, such as hotel rooms, airline seats, etc.

Caroline has successfully introduced strategies, retaining customers and companies on behalf of a substantial UK portfolio. For the past 11 years, she has used her expertise in supporting companies across a broad range of industry sectors with a 'hands-on' approach to sales and marketing using traditional as well as social media techniques.

In her spare time she likes to retreat to a Suffolk village, near the seaside, spending the time with her husband and dog.

Caroline Slater - Senior Consultant  carolines@tclsllp.com