Commercial Debt Collection by Town & Country

Why Third Party Debt Collection?

The relationship with your clients can be close and emotional, typically based on a long history of business coupled with personal interaction that makes it very easy for you to forgive payment problems when that client itself suffers from inadequate cash flow.

Any customer who doesn't pay is not an asset; they are a cost.

So the real response is not to wait, but to act immediately. Why should you suffer because of another business's cash flow problems, and why should money that is rightfully yours be used to fund another business when it could be for your own company's future?

The answer could be to employ 'third party psychology', to instruct someone else to deal with the matter in a firm, professional manner which then helps to maintain your client relationships and allows you to get on with running your business.

Why Town and Country?

Town and Country Legal Services LLP is fully regulated by the FCA, and we specialise in all types of commercial debt collection.

We are particularly good at collecting 'sensitive' debt, the kind of debt owed to funeral directors, private schools and care homes, etc.

This type of debt requires delicate handling and our fully trained and motivated collectors understand the importance of compliance, and they always act with your best interests at heart.

If you are a bank, mortgage company, credit card or store card company, money lender, motor finance company or sell goods or services via hire purchase then your financial services are regulated by the FCA.

We do not buy debt, but act on behalf of the regulated firm, as we are authorised, and therefore can filter out the debt before it is sold, therefore maximising its collection.

How we recover your money?

  • Confidently on a 'No Collection - No Commission' basis, following an initial case handling fee. Breakdown of costs can be provided
  • We use a steady firm approach coupled with professional and proper conduct to help maintain healthy relationships between clients and their customers
  • Our fully trained and motivated collectors have a thorough understanding of compliance
  • All cases are reviewed by a senior staff member to assess the best method to resolve the situation
  • 3rd Party psychology is employed to maximise debt recovery evoking a positive response from your customer about the outstanding balance
  • Account Executives will chase the debts regularly, in a firm, professional manner, to bring a quick conclusion to the case
  • Month end reports are sent to keep you updated with your cases, and any payments received, when appropriate
  • Case handling fee covers Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks, a service level agreement and initial collections procedure

What areas do we cover?

  • We collect debt from all over the UK, but especially in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire.
  • With our extensive partnerships with agencies from all over the world, we also specialise in collecting overseas debts

How do we proceed?