About Debt

About debt is a series of articles by Kevin Bishop, Senior Partner at Town and Country Legal Services LLP, which is intended to hopefully educate or at least arouse some interest in the different areas of debt management and/or debt recovery.

The latest article looks at a better way of collecting regulated debt.

August 11th 2017 : A Better Way of Collecting Regulated Debt?

July 19th 2016 : Managing Sensitive Debt, Care Homes Working Smarter.

June 28th 2016 : Post Brexit, Collecting Debt in Ireland.

January 7th 2016 : Debt and Death.

August 18th 2015 : To Sue or Not to Sue...

July 20th 2015 : The FCA and Debt Collection

June 9th 2015 : Debt Collector's Reputation, Deserved of Not?

April 21st 2015 : Managing Properties after Repossession

March 10th 2015 : Debt and the Valued Client