What if I can't find my debtor?

We have traced thousands of debtors for all sorts of different businesses and individuals. Be it overdue payments, missing tenants, CSA tracing and much more. We have experience with many differing situations. So you can be assured that Town and Country Legal Services LLP is the right company to choose to find your missing debtors.

If you are trying to trace a debtor, we know that there are a whole host of online tracing services that, more often than not, offer confusing or out of date results.

Our searches are more comprehensive and more cost effective than your 'paid for' online services. Online facilities might seem like a brilliant way of tracing your debtor, however the reality is that you want a delicate situation such as this, to be conducted by a real person.

Please note that Kevin Bishop is a full member of The Association of British Investigators which has been upholding professional standards for over a century.

Finding a debtor is a complicated and time consuming process and in our professional opinion it is best done covertly. We feel that finding debtors is a task to be undertaken by trained, licensed and experienced professionals.

Below are some of the services we offer in this field.


We undertake surveillance duties locally ourselves, and work with fellow members of the Association of British Investigators on a national and international basis. The association works to a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.

All members are committed to treat information with which they are entrusted during the course of their business with respect and access or disclose it only for the purposes for which it is intended.

The Association has developed good relationships with the Police Service, The Information Commissioners Office, The Security Industry Authority, The DVLA and other government bodies.


At Town and Country we provide a premium, nationwide tracing service which identifies and locates individuals quickly and efficiently. This means that we are able to provide you with invaluable information that will enable you or your company to pursue debtors further and/or reclaim outstanding monies owed for goods and services.

Companies often write off considerable amounts owed to them due to debtors moving on to another address and/or leaving no forwarding contact details. We have direct links to an extensive range of databases, which in conjunction with our field agents enquiries, enable us to trace individuals that are seemingly unreachable.

We always maintain a fully compliant approach to all trace enquiries and deal with individual requests, as well as large portfolios. Our highly trained team and field agents are proficient in the systems and approach required to provide an exceptional level of service, which results in a very high percentage of positive results.

We use this tracing facility in conjunction with our debt collection service to maximise returns for our clients and provide a complete one-stop debt recovery solution.