Why do I need UK and Global Asset Tracing?

Let us say that a company or an individual owe you money. You have pursued the debt and have been unsuccessful. The only recourse left open to you, other than to give up, is to take costly legal action.

In making this decision, many assume that they have a strong case, that they are entirely in the right and that the court can do nothing else but fall in their favour. The mistake made is to decide to enter into a costly court case without doing proper research. It is imperative that the status of the subject is known before starting court proceedings as this is where asset tracing is crucial.

It is not just debt, in the current economic climate, there is an increasing number of high net worth financial disputes, whether it be through divorce, business partnership disputes, failed investments or problematic business developments. In the case of bankruptcy, Insolvency Practitioners need searches to make sure all assets are accounted for.

It is crucial that any searches for assets are carried out discreetly and professionally so that any intelligence obtained can subsequently be used to its maximum advantage.

Typical asset searches include but are not limited to:

  • Businesses; All those undeclared in the UK and overseas
  • Property and ownership in the UK and most overseas countries.
  • Undeclared bank and savings accounts
  • Shares in the UK and abroad.
  • Stock, machinery and equipment.
  • All boats and marine purchases.
  • Vehicles, normally any related finance and ownership of them.
  • Horse ownership.

UK and global asset tracing is a service offered by Town and Country Legal Services LLP in partnership with agents based worldwide, drawing on experience from former Detectives of the Metropolitan Police Service, Officers of HM Revenue & Customs, Home Office and the Special Forces, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge, experience and exceptional integrity.

The deployment of proven traditional investigative techniques, computer forensics and the obtaining of good intelligence through surveillance, data analysis and research provide a sound base upon which our investigative team can produce an evidential package as befits the circumstances and clients requirements.

Our UK and global asset tracing is achieved while maintaining confidentiality, discretion and client confidence that enquiries will be conducted expeditiously and sympathetically. We offer practical and cost-effective solutions which are flexible and founded on a philosophy of willingness to achieve.

Pricing for this service is done on a bespoke basis so that the client's unique needs and demands are satisfied.

If you have a need for this service, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01883 212121, so we can help you in anyway we can.