Legal Services by Town & Country

Here at Town & Country Legal Services LLP, we can offer a full range of legal services to suit any of our client needs.

We firmly believe that every business that has commercial clients should have a clause in their terms and conditions that would allow them to recover third party debt collection costs and for the addition of late payment interest to overdue invoices as per their statutory rights.

As a free service to all our commercial customers, we will audit their terms and conditions with regard to third party debt collection costs and late payment interest.

If you are owed money, we are here to help you with any decision to pursue your claims through the courts.

We offer the following legal services to assist you in that decision:-

  • Taking Proofs of Debt
  • Investigation of potential litigation cases
  • Obtaining Statements from Witnesses
  • Issuing and Service of Statutory Demands
  • Instructing Sheriff's Officers in Post Judgment cases
  • Process Serving
  • Obtaining evidence for our clients to reinforce their cases
  • The provision of Company reports on a worldwide basis

We also have a panel of Solicitors who can provide expertise in every aspect of the law. Our solicitors are all regulated by the Law Society and are Lexcel accredited.

We will arrange the issue of Legal Process on your behalf using the most suitable representation for your needs

Our view of litigation is that there should be a clear path for recovery and enforcement of your judgment.

We will advise the instructing solicitor as to the best form of recovery and give instructions on our client's behalf as to the best method of enforcement.

This may be an attachment of earnings order, a charging order on property, a third party debt order, an oral examination order, a warrant of execution or issue of a Writ Fi Fa.

Unsure on how to proceed?

  • Simply call us on 01883 212121 and we will handle everything else.