"I have found Town and Country to be caring with clients, but also very straight and to the point over the debt the clients owe. They will always advise us on all the debts as to whether they are worth chasing or collecting through the courts. They notify us every month of what they have collected and how they are pursuing other clients. All monies are forwarded to our bank every month with an invoice explaining of any deductions. I have found them to be very helpful."

Tony Mears MD - Ford Mears & Partners Funeral Directors

"As a small family run business the last thing we need is the risk of bad debts; fortunately not a common occurrence for us. When the risks do occur, we don’t have a ‘credit control’ department or lots of expertise and certainly don’t want to pay more money on legal costs we may not get back. We’ve been using Kevin and the team at Town & Country Legal Services for a number of years and we are 100% satisfied and delighted with the service and results – with no up-front costs to us and with their fees being paid by the debtor we’ll continue to keep them as a very valuable and effective supplier."

Tom Hurst, Director - Hurst Publications Ltd.

I used Town & Country Legal Services for the first time recently to chase a debt which I had personally tried to recover for several months. The debt was over £600 so I was not going to let this just disappear. I had visited the debtor premises, called, emailed but all to no avail. I had met Graham of Town & Country at a network meeting and was impressed by what he had to say. Within a couple of weeks I had the debt recovered and the money in my bank account. The debt was recovered with minimal input from me and I would not hesitate to use their services again and highly recommend their professionalism and effectiveness.

Tony G

Kevin has provided on numerous occasions an extremely professional service and offers a very personal service that has resulted in higher than normal cash returns. I have pleasure in recommending his new company for all collections requirements.

Louise W

Having tried for years to locate two brothers whom I had not seen for over 10 and 20 years respectively I approached Kevin at Town & Country. After taking note of the little information I had, Kevin set to work, keeping me updated at each step of the way. Amazingly within a few days Kevin had located one brother in Newcastle upon Tyne and the other in Miami. Needless to say the re-union was emotional for all concerned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin's services to anyone looking to find someone who is seemingly unable to be found!

Simon E

Kevin has helped my firm and our clients with legal services such as process serving and finding those who don't want to be found on a few occasions now and I have always found Kevin to be professional and knowledgeable as well as always coming up with providing ideas for resolving problems that are imaginative and effective. I have no doubt that this comes from Kevin's expert knowledge and experience in his field. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mark G

We have had clients in the UK and overseas who were not paying our invoices, and Kevin has always collected them for us very quickly. The fees are very reasonable, and in my view, it's actually a saving that I make as it saves my time, energy and frustration!

Joseph A

Kevin is a highly intelligent and personable guy that has built a business in helping others to win back outstanding monies. His legal prowess and skill for mediating a situation reflects in his team - success rates evident in the company's ‘no collection, no commission' assurance. Bad debtors beware….thanks to Kevin.!

Caroline S

We have used Kevin Bishop for our debt recovery for many years now, and always found him to very professional and efficient, with a good success rate. I would thoroughly recommend his services.

Keith F

The team at Town and Country Legal Services chased a debt for me that was over 2 years old.
It wasn't a massive one, but out of principle, I wanted to get paid. I had got many people on the case over the 2 years, the 'cheque was in the post' many times, the 'cheque is going to be dropped off personally' many times too... many debt collection agencies tried and failed.
Then I met the Country & Legal team - and got paid within 2 weeks. Enough said?
I can not recommend them highly enough. They are professional, do not upset people and more importantly very very efficient and a pleasure to deal with.
They work on a commission only basis so you have got absolutely nothing to lose by giving them a call. And it could be the single best thing you have ever done to transform your business' bottom line!

Maud A

I have just used Town & Country Legal Services LLP for the first time and am extremely pleased with the service provided. Town & Country carried out this work professionally and efficiently at all times and successfully collected a large debt for us very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else in need of debt collection services.

Michael M